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Infusion Bottle With Straw

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Infusion Bottle With Straw

It's almost a miracle that water can taste so good! Fill the bottle's infusion container with your favourite fruits to enjoy vitamins and refreshing liquid – and feel healthy and rejuvenated all day

  • Includes a straw and a dry compartment for your protein powder, vitamins or an extra round of fresh fruits.
  • Great for when you are on the go, or to bring for long rides in the car.
  • The dry compartment and the infusion container can be attached together or used separately.
  • Limited suction when drinking from an unfolded drinking straw might be due to air leakage. Push the straw down vertically to make sure it is in full contact with the gasket underneath and try again.
  • Wash this product before using it for the first time.
  • To prevent spills, do not exceed the marking when filling.

Product Dimensions:

Volume: 0.7 l