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Multi-Latch Child Safety Lock - Pack of 2

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Product details

The multi-latch is an easy way to prevent your child from opening e.g the fridge or freezer. Easy to attach with tape to smooth bases. To be fixed with screws on uneven bases.
Can be fitted on different kinds of material, e.g. metal, plastic, glass, wood. The device should not be fixed to adjacent cabinet doors, drawers or oven doors – only around the edge of the door, drawer or oven door that you want to lock. Only for indoor use. The adhesive tape can leave marks when the product is removed. This product has been developed and tested for domestic use. The furniture must always be fixed to the wall, even if the drawers are locked by using the multi-latch.

Material and care

Hinge/ Strap: Polyamide plastic
Metal parts: Steel
Tape: Polyethylene foam, Synthetic rubber

Product Size

Package quantity: 2 pack