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Bowls with Lid

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Suitable for storing dry foodstuffs. Comprises: 1 bowl 0.8 l (dia. 15 cm, height 8 cm), 1 bowl 1.3 l (dia. 17 cm, height 9 cm), 1 bowl 2.2 l (dia. 20 cm, height 11 cm), 1 bowl 3.2 l (dia. 23 cm, height 12 cm), 1 bowl 4.7 l (dia. 25 cm, height 15 cm).This container is not spill-proof and may leak if you store liquid contents like soup in it. If you think there is a risk of leakage, do not place the container in for example a bag.

Material and Care

Polypropylene plastic
Microwave-safe; heat food up to 100°C.Freezer-safe.Dishwasher-safe.

Customer Reviews

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Dr. Zeeshan Ali
Quality with convenience!

Ikea is a name of quality but the question is if you will get the real thing in Pakistan!
Well I did with these bowls...the second best thing about them is the lids...they are continent ... don't have to find covers of cling films for them. If you bake consider getting them....sizes are ample...I bought the 5 bowls set...the bigger,the better!